mercredi 30 novembre 2011


If no one ever said "thank you", it woul be sad because I'm convince that every people need to be thanked when they help someone else. It's a kind of gratitude and it's very important. Saying "thank you" is a way to show to other people that they did something useful and nice for you. If nobody said "thank you" some people would not help people because they would be afraid and disappointed to have nothing in return, even the magic words. Indeed, we're use to say to children that "thank you" is a magic sentence linked with "please". This is the foundation of the courtesy. Saying "thank you" is easy as ABC and important for public opinion, so we have to say it. 

As far as I'm concerned, I think Thanksgiving is a bit like Christhmas. That's why, I would celebrate it with my near family, eating a feast all the day. At this feast, I would eat for instance fish, turkey, vegetables, fruits, pumpkin pie (just to taste it, I'm sure it's delicious!) ans of course chocolate ! Moreover, I would have presents like money just to go shopping on the black friday :)

lundi 21 novembre 2011

Dreams & Aspirations

At this time, I'm hoping to have a good work placement abroad to improve my personal skills ans discover another professional culture. It's really immportant for me. It would be wonderful if I could go to the United States because I really want to visit this amazing country, it's my wish for many years because I'm very interesting with English language, the American culture and the landscapes full of diversity.

But in general in my life, firstly, I think the most important is to be healthy. After that, I'm dreaminf of a life full of travels in oreder to discover other people and way of life. I hope I'll have opportunities to do that, maybe thanks to my future job. Rightly, after my studies the important thing is to find a job in relation with my professional aspirations that is to say a dynamic job, with much relationship, in a human resources service.

So, in five years, I hope I'll be employed in a company, maybe here, maybe in another city (or even country), I don't know. The most important is to have a job which is interesting and fulfilling. In my personal life, I'll be very happy if I'll still be in touch with my friends. Moreover I think I'll still live with my boyfriend and it will be great if he'll have a job too.

In ten years now, I'll be 30 so I see myself in my own house with a stable job and maybe children...
What the hell ?

mercredi 2 novembre 2011


The bang theory, S1E6 : "The middle-earth paragdim"

After a paintball game, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj met Penny, their blond neighborg. She invited them to her Halloween party. At first, the guys was reluctant but they changed their mind when costumes are mentioned. They wanted to dress them with the flashgordon costume but were obliged to change in order to be different. So, Sheldon was the doppier effect (and he was unable to explain that to the other guests), Leonard was Frodo the hobbit, Howard was Robin Hood and Raj was Thor. Penny was a cat. The guys were a bit excluded from the other. After a confrontation between Kurt (Penny's ex-boyfriend) and Leonard, it leave. Penny wanted to apologize and kissed Leonard. Raj, was at home having sex with a girl.

This episode is funny and surprising. Moreover, it can give us ideas for Halloween costumes. 

A Halloween costume

If I were going to dress up for Halloween, I would be a devil in red and black with a tail and horns. Maybe a leather costume. I would be makeup, maybe in black on my eyes, red on my cheeks and glitters. In my hand, I would have a fork and a basket in order to harvest candies. 

New words in English

A sewing machine = une machine à coudre
Sloppy = désorganisé
Humb = pouce
Dork = geek
Puffy = gonflé
Pattern = motif
Shrug = haussement d'épaules

lundi 24 octobre 2011

Homework : 10/27/2011

New things I've learn in English

Recently, I've learn several new things in English.
Firstly, I've learn some idiomatics expressions in class like :
- "word of mouth" = le bouche à oreille
- "The green is always greener on the other side of the fence" = on préfère toujours ce que l'on n'a pas

In my house, watching US series, I've also learn new things in English for instance the meaning of
- "horny" (= salace in French)
- "a vacuum" (= aspirateur)


For this class, of course, I expect to learn new English vocabulary but also to discover specific American culture (lifestyle, specific food, American shops, ...) even if we approximatly know it.
I think it's very useful to learn expressions of everydays life because that miss in English school program.


Maybe, it would be interesting to work in group in order to interchange our point of views about different subjects, or to play a game...
Moreover, I like watching videos like movies or documentaries.
We could read American magazines like Vogue for instance. I would love it !

lundi 17 octobre 2011

"How I met your mother" S1E1

Short Review
In 2030, Ted Mosby wants to tell his children how he met their mother. That's why he remembers some important (or not) moment of his life. In this first episode, we can see the main characters that is to say, Barney, Marshall, Lily and Robin. We learn their job, their character traits and many other details... We can see the meeting between Ted and Robyn which is a bit surprising...

Opinion ?
This episode made me laugh and made me want to see more. 

Moreover, thanks to this episode I've learn new English words : "a spanking" and "the leap"

Predictions ?
In the next episode, I suppose Robyn will become friend with all the other characters. I guess Barney will not change, he'll continue to dredge women and to be single. I think Ted will live many adventures before meeting his wife (mom of his children). Maybe, other characters will appear and become really important in the serie. 

mercredi 12 octobre 2011

Shopaholic ?

A shopaholic is a person who is addicted to shopping, who suffer with overspending. 
Have you ever seen "Confessions of a shopaholic", a movie which deals whith this kind of disease ?
To de-stress, a shopaholic has to buy thousands of stuff like chothes, shoes or even kitchenware (for instance)
As far as I'm concerned, I don't consider myself as a shopaholic (fortunaltely!) but I confess that I'm fond of shoes and clothes (unfortunately for my bank account)...

And what about you ? Could you cut your credit card ?