lundi 21 novembre 2011

Dreams & Aspirations

At this time, I'm hoping to have a good work placement abroad to improve my personal skills ans discover another professional culture. It's really immportant for me. It would be wonderful if I could go to the United States because I really want to visit this amazing country, it's my wish for many years because I'm very interesting with English language, the American culture and the landscapes full of diversity.

But in general in my life, firstly, I think the most important is to be healthy. After that, I'm dreaminf of a life full of travels in oreder to discover other people and way of life. I hope I'll have opportunities to do that, maybe thanks to my future job. Rightly, after my studies the important thing is to find a job in relation with my professional aspirations that is to say a dynamic job, with much relationship, in a human resources service.

So, in five years, I hope I'll be employed in a company, maybe here, maybe in another city (or even country), I don't know. The most important is to have a job which is interesting and fulfilling. In my personal life, I'll be very happy if I'll still be in touch with my friends. Moreover I think I'll still live with my boyfriend and it will be great if he'll have a job too.

In ten years now, I'll be 30 so I see myself in my own house with a stable job and maybe children...
What the hell ?

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