mercredi 2 novembre 2011


The bang theory, S1E6 : "The middle-earth paragdim"

After a paintball game, Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj met Penny, their blond neighborg. She invited them to her Halloween party. At first, the guys was reluctant but they changed their mind when costumes are mentioned. They wanted to dress them with the flashgordon costume but were obliged to change in order to be different. So, Sheldon was the doppier effect (and he was unable to explain that to the other guests), Leonard was Frodo the hobbit, Howard was Robin Hood and Raj was Thor. Penny was a cat. The guys were a bit excluded from the other. After a confrontation between Kurt (Penny's ex-boyfriend) and Leonard, it leave. Penny wanted to apologize and kissed Leonard. Raj, was at home having sex with a girl.

This episode is funny and surprising. Moreover, it can give us ideas for Halloween costumes. 

A Halloween costume

If I were going to dress up for Halloween, I would be a devil in red and black with a tail and horns. Maybe a leather costume. I would be makeup, maybe in black on my eyes, red on my cheeks and glitters. In my hand, I would have a fork and a basket in order to harvest candies. 

New words in English

A sewing machine = une machine à coudre
Sloppy = désorganisé
Humb = pouce
Dork = geek
Puffy = gonflé
Pattern = motif
Shrug = haussement d'épaules

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