lundi 24 octobre 2011

Homework : 10/27/2011

New things I've learn in English

Recently, I've learn several new things in English.
Firstly, I've learn some idiomatics expressions in class like :
- "word of mouth" = le bouche à oreille
- "The green is always greener on the other side of the fence" = on préfère toujours ce que l'on n'a pas

In my house, watching US series, I've also learn new things in English for instance the meaning of
- "horny" (= salace in French)
- "a vacuum" (= aspirateur)


For this class, of course, I expect to learn new English vocabulary but also to discover specific American culture (lifestyle, specific food, American shops, ...) even if we approximatly know it.
I think it's very useful to learn expressions of everydays life because that miss in English school program.


Maybe, it would be interesting to work in group in order to interchange our point of views about different subjects, or to play a game...
Moreover, I like watching videos like movies or documentaries.
We could read American magazines like Vogue for instance. I would love it !

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